1. You don’t just get scars on skin, you can also get them on your ribs and your teeth and deep inside your heart.

2. When two people are tied together as tightly as we were, you will always find frayed ends where the string that held us together tore apart. I fucking hope that I don’t find myself 40 and married with kids, still pulling you out of the sleeves of my sweater.

3. You can only fix your heart so many times, after awhile, the pieces get kinda bent and they chip and some get lost, they stop fitting together the right way and eventually, you’re left with a pile of shattered glass inside your fucking chest.

4. “I’ll never leave you” doesn’t actually mean anything, it’s just something to say in the middle of the night to fill the empty silence and the holes in your heart

5. Once someone finds their way inside your head, there’s no fucking getting them out

6. No matter how many boys I kiss, I will taste you in all of them. I’ve been trying to get you out of my mouth, last night I brushed my teeth until my gums were bleeding.

7. Sometimes bones shatter but it doesn’t always show up in x-rays

8. Vodka and pills will make me miss you more.

9. Flowers always die.

9 things you taught me when you left (via extrasad)

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"Don’t let people treat you like a cigarette, they only use you when they’re bored and step on you when they’re done. Be like drugs, let them die for you."

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'Luminois Skin'. Yumi Lambert by Sophie Delaporte for Vogue China, March 2014.

Diana Gartner for Marie Claire UK december 2002 by Wayne Maser


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